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Traditional recruitment has come to an end!


As you certainly know, the recruitment process has gone through several changes over the past few decades. During the first industrial revolution, recruitment began to accelerate with the setting up of factories, and thus it was crucial to increase the workforce.

This was followed by the glorious 30 years when questions began to be asked about the problems of employment and unemployment especially towards the end of the 20th century.

New measures were established in response to the increasing need for human capital. Factories and organisations used newspapers and magazines to advertise their job offers.

What about today?

We operate in a world of perpetual change, especially after the global health crisis due to COVID-19, which has shaken up all recruitment practices.

To cope with these new challenges, companies have become increasingly demanding in terms of recruitment. Nowadays, every recruiter is looking for “Talent”, a profile that requires a precise evaluation and a high degree of expertise to be able to make the right choice. Hiring the right fit has become more and more complicated for companies.

Today, using a recruitment agency is both a good decision and a necessity that doesn’t only allow you to be completely relieved of all responsibilities but also to meet the challenges of recruitment.

Collaborating with an agency that is implementing a high-performance tool to digitalise the recruitment process is a strategic decision.

Posting a job offer on LinkedIn and Facebook seems to be easier. Indeed, these are also a part of digitalisation, but do you think that these methods are efficient for a digital transformation of a constructive recruitment process?

“The biggest difficulty of digital transformation is changing the tyre of a car while driving.” said Éric Blot, President, Awak’IT (CXP Forum (Teknowlogy Group), June 2016).

This statement is our great source of inspiration.

We are developing an innovative tool with a vision that will allow us to:


  • Automate the Sourcing stage by creating a whole space dedicated to candidates where we post the job offers of our partner clients.
  • Advertise job offers more efficiently with clear job descriptions and key information that facilitate the communication of our needs.
  • Build candidates’ loyalty by providing them with a wide range of job offers in different sectors of activities to increase their chances of getting the right job.
  • Easily manage a large number of applications by filtering profiles by several criteria.
  • Maintain a database of qualified talents containing a large number of candidates who can create their profiles by submitting all useful information similar to that of CVs and can make any modifications. This allows us to have a dynamic, useful, up-to-date, and well- managed CV-library.

We have switched to digital by creating our platform!

Check out the features of our digital platform Hellojob.tn



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