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A company is a social and economic entity that can be managed by one person or a group in charge of providing goods and services to customers.

Today, the success of a company is measured not only by the quality of the products or services it offers but also by the quality of the staff who represent it and who contribute to the social and economic development of their company.

Thus, a good recruitment policy aims at attracting top potential candidates, selecting and integrating talents, and ensuring the development of the staff.

Why a recruitment policy?

We all know that the long-lasting success of companies depends on the effective choice of their human capital, which contributes to the professional development of all structures.

All companies can recruit, but few companies have a recruitment policy in place.

In terms of recruitment, companies are generally affected by:

  • The scarcity of qualified manpower.
  • The lack of skills and talents.
  • High turnover rate.
  • Long and discouraging recruitment process.

To overcome these difficulties, it is crucial to implement a recruitment policy that is in accord with the HR strategy, in particular, and with the overall strategy of the company, in general, as it’s the company that will strategically manage staff turnover. It is also necessary to recruit effectively based on decisions and actions taken in the course of a recruitment policy.

Moreover, the implementation of a recruitment policy enables the company to ensure its sustainability and to guarantee transparency and respect for an agile recruitment process.

Why use a recruitment agency?

Expertise in the field of recruitment plays a significant role in meeting the companies’ demands, which are seeking to optimise time and costs for each activity.

Human resource managers within companies are in charge of carrying out the recruitment mission, in addition to all the other human resource tasks entrusted to them.

The use of a recruitment agency as an external recruitment process is a decision that enables the offload of a workload while ensuring a better choice of the profiles they are looking for.

The advantage of using a recruitment agency is to guarantee that the best profiles are attracted and selected thanks to a recruitment process defined by a series of steps: starting from defining and validating needs, then research, pre-selection, and evaluation, until the integration of the candidate within the company.

STAFFING TUNISIA is an example of a recruitment agency with a large and expanded pool of profiles. It can find the talents and meet the needs of its customers quickly and efficiently.

STAFFING TUNISIA offers suitable solutions that can be adapted to the recruitment policies implemented by companies regardless of their size and field of activity.

Why collaborate with STAFFING TUNISIA?

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