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After several months of reflection, creation of models, and development, we launched our new and completely redesigned website. Our goal remains the same: to meet the demand of our customers by offering them innovative and customised human resource solutions.

A new creative website:

As part of the redesign of our website STAFFING TUNISIA, we have revised all the mockups based on our own creation, new and consistent graphic guidelines using sober and trendy colours, and a new logo that accurately reflects our identity.
The website was created using WordPress which is an open-source technology that offers dynamic and optimised solutions for SEO on search engines.
To improve the experience of our customers, we designed and developed our website in a way that it accommodates all screen sizes (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.). In other words, we designed a responsive website.
Our web content is written by professional copywriters in three different languages (English, Arabic, and French) to comply with national and international demands. And also to build customer loyalty thanks to our reliable and high-quality content generated by experts and specialists in the field of employment.
On our website, internet users have access to a wide range of formats and media (photos, videos, texts) generated and created based on a great sense of creativity and expertise. We provide personalised and customised web content to our visitors (personalised texts, representative diagrams, photos taken in our company, etc.).

A range of revised solutions: 

We are living in a rapidly evolving world. As a result, HR needs have changed significantly and companies must adapt to this changing world. We have revised our services and we offer our clients two sets of solutions: HR flexibility solutions and HR recruitment solutions.

HR Flexibility Solutions :

Temporary work: During your company’s busy times or when you are simply looking for extra team members on a temporary or seasonal basis.
Interim: When you need to replace your employees for a specific period of time.
Outsourcing: When you want to offload some administrative tasks, reduce your staff’s workload and only focus on your core business.
Turnkey solutions (TKS):  When you need a complete and exhaustive service.

HR recruitment solutions: 

Recruitment of executives and non-executives: With this solution, we offer to manage the entire recruitment process. We start with defining and validating your needs. Then carry out research, pre-selection, and evaluation. And finally, make sure the candidate is integrated into your company.
Assessment: when you need to carry out an HR organisation or reorganisation, or in the event of internal mobility or separation.
RPO/ mass recruitment: when your company needs a massive and fast expansion of its workforce. Or, if you are a company that has just set up and want to carry out a quantitative recruitment campaign of direct labor.
Senior-level recruitment: Our experts have a database of top management: highly qualified executives, directors, and managers. We will do the necessary procedures to make sure we find the right fit for the profile you are looking for.

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