Partnership [ Staffing Tunisia – FSEG Sfax ]


25 December 2020
In December 25th 2020, a partnership agreement was signed between the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management of Sfax and STAFFING TUNISIA, represented by the director Mr. Younes Boujelben (and his administrative and pedagogical team), and the founder and manager Mr. Iskander Sallem, respectively. This meeting took place at the faculty in a very friendly atmosphere. This agreement will promote the connection of STAFFING TUNISIA with the academic environment, and the University with the professional one. This implies that STAFFING TUNISIA is going to give the students the encouragement and support they need to get a step closer to the professional world by facilitating their insertion in the job market.
As for the faculty, this will be an opportunity for their academic experts to provide their know-how and to interact with the STAFFING TUNISIA team.

Our social actions


18 August 2020
As social players, we put the Human Being as the core of our values by carrying many social initiatives to support our temporary workers. This kind of approach does not only enhance our credibility but also contribute in the sharing of principles that respect human dignity.

All these actions are an additional opportunity for us to strengthen the relationships we have with our temporary workers, collaborators and employees.

To show our support, we adopt gestures that give a concrete expression to this solidarity spirit during the festivities of the new year, the Eid, and especially during important events like the start of the school year. Besides the financial support (luncheon vouchers, occasional loans), we organise raffles and competitions with sheep to be won for the Eid and prizes for the end-of-year party.

STAFFING TUNISIA’s social responsibility


18 August 2020
Since its launch, STAFFING TUNISIA has ingrained CSR within the company’s culture by implementing practices and contributions in favour of sustainable development.

We have adopted this approach from the outset and made sure that it does not only meet our clients and collaborators’ expectations but also address the social and environmental issues.

The environmental concerns are part of our fundamental principles. We are committed to reducing our ecological footprint by adopting a responsible and sustainable approach and integrating CRS into our overall strategy. We promote the exclusive use of digital tools for the management of temporary workers and we have moved towards the digitalisation of the recruitment process.

On a daily basis, we adopt eco-friendly gestures that show our full implementation of the spirit of CSR and make us a responsible company.

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