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The main challenge in a constantly changing economic context is to avoid recruitment mistakes and get the right collaborators who will be the key to your company’s success. In terms of risk, recruitment is like marriage as the company must choose between various candidates the profile or profiles that match their needs.

Like in a traditional marriage, achieving happiness is not that simple! Choosing the right partner is so difficult that you have to be strategic. It is thus crucial to combine personal and collective interests. In a complex competitive environment, the company aims to attract candidates who have the necessary skills to fill an open position immediately or in the future.

What is strategic recruitment?

Strategic recruitment refers to all the steps and decisions that allow the company to achieve its recruitment objectives (hire the right people, diversify profiles, rejuvenate the company’s workforce, etc.) in the mid and long-term.

This approach requires plans and processes to be put in place and must be aligned with the company’s overall strategy.

Strategic recruitment: essential for hiring the right person! 

Matching profiles to the needs could be made possible by making an effective strategic choice.

Developing a recruitment strategy will help companies make different decisions. Just like business or marketing strategies, a company must establish recruitment plans by setting recruitment objectives that are consistent with the company’s overall objectives.

A good understanding of the objectives in advance will reduce the risk of poor employee  integration.

Based on these objectives, companies must define the nature of the jobs they are looking for, their needs in terms of skills, and the level of the required experience. All these elements will enable them to write an effective job description for each open position.

Effective recruitment would not be possible without going through a process of essential steps that must be put in place at the right time and with the right people to succeed in this mission.

Making a recruitment strategy more effective

When setting up a recruitment strategy, HR managers must choose a strategic axis on which they will base their recruitment performance. Among these choices, the company can call upon a recruitment agency.

A recruitment agency can adapt to anything regardless of the company’s size, stakes, objectives, and challenges (creation phase, acceleration phase, change phase). The agency will focus all its efforts on attracting the best candidates to the positions offered by its clients.

By implementing a relevant recruitment process, recruitment experts and consultants can align themselves with the company’s recruitment policy and help them match the position with the required profile.

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